Why cultured meat?

Cul­tured (or cul­tiv­ated) meat is lab-grown meat from real anim­al cells. It’s just as healthy, nutri­tious and deli­cious as the real deal. But it’s also more eth­ic­al, hygien­ic and sus­tain­able.

Real meat, but bet­ter

The same taste, a different approach

With an ever-grow­ing world pop­u­la­tion, we need a big dis­rup­tion in anim­al farm­ing. Cul­tured meat is the way for­ward. While the nat­ur­al growth pro­cess is dif­fer­ent, the res­ults are the same: tasty meat with an authen­t­ic fla­vour, tex­ture and juici­ness. You won’t taste the dif­fer­ence.

Naturally grown how?

Natural ingredients only

A few anim­al cells, nutri­ents, oxy­gen and a warm envir­on­ment. That’s all we at Peace of Meat need to grow cul­tured meat. The pro­cess is com­pletely nat­ur­al: no genet­ic modi­fic­a­tion, no plastics and no harm­ful chem­ic­als.

Our unique technology

The best part? We just har­vest a few cells from an egg and don’t even have to touch a single anim­al ever again. Thanks to our ground-break­ing tech­no­logy, we can effi­ciently grow cul­tured meat forever and ever. Speak­ing of a happy end­ing for all.

How it's made

Let’s do it for the planet

World­wide demand for meat is soar­ing, and so is the pres­sure on our plan­et and live­stock. By grow­ing meat at scale in labs, we can free up mil­lions of acres of farm­land, reduce defor­est­a­tion, envir­on­ment­al pol­lu­tion and green­house gas emis­sions. Without com­prom­ising one bit on taste.

Better for us and future generations

Cul­tured meat ensures a bet­ter plan­et for gen­er­a­tions to come. But it’s actu­ally also bet­ter for us. Cul­tured meat is a much safer way to eat as it’s pro­duced in in clean envir­on­ments with the highest health and hygiene stand­ards. Plus, it’s not tied to envir­on­ment­al factors, like weath­er, cli­mate and dis­eases. This way it offers a secure food sup­ply for ourselves and future gen­er­a­tions.

Let’s get to the meat of the matter

Can’t wrap your head around our ground-break­ing tech­no­logy? Still won­der­ing how we make the tasti­est meat from just a few cells? Won­der no more. 

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