How we grow meat

A few anim­al cells, nutri­ents, oxy­gen, a warm envir­on­ment ánd a splash of mind-blow­ing sci­ence. That’s all we need to grow cul­tured meat.


Making meat you’ll love to eat

Our cul­tured meat is as good as real meat, without the bad after­taste. The growth pro­cess is entirely nat­ur­al; no genet­ic modi­fic­a­tion, anti­bi­ot­ics or anim­al suf­fer­ing involved. Peace of Meat guar­an­tees the highest health and hygiene stand­ards at all times.

Step 1

We extract a tiny droplet of stem cells from a carefully selected egg.

Step 2

We place the cells in a cultivator that mimics the conditions of a warm animal body.

Step 3

We help it grow by feeding it nutrients, vitamins, oxygen and sugar.

Step 4

We watch in awe as the cells naturally multiply and mature into muscle, fat or liver cells.

Step 5

After a few weeks, we harvest the cells and process them into delicious food.

Something’s cooking

The pos­sib­il­it­ies of cul­tured meat are truly end­less. Our food experts are con­stantly cook­ing up new ways to turn it into the tasti­est products.

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