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Authentic meat for a better tomorrow

Our cul­tured meat is just as tasty as tra­di­tion­al meat, but far less harm­ful. Lab-grown meat stops anim­al suf­fer­ing, reduces our envir­on­ment­al impact, ensures hygien­ic con­di­tions, and secures our food sup­ply for tomor­row.

Win­ner win­ner chick­en din­ner

Why poultry won the jackpot

We’ve dis­covered a spe­cial type of cells in a chick­en egg that are optim­ally suited to cul­tiv­ate in a biore­act­or. No less import­ant: we’ve also figured out a unique tech­nique to extract these cells from chick­en eggs. Hence our ini­tial focus on poultry products. Start­ing from just a few of these cells, we can grow anim­al cells (a.k.a. meat) out­side of an actu­al anim­al. This meat is just as juicy, deli­cious and nutri­tious as farmed meat, without harm­ing any anim­als.

Discover our upcoming poultry products

Our eth­ic­al poultry products make for happy hens and ducks. Ánd happy humans, of course.

Conscious Chicken

We didn’t just wing it while cul­tiv­at­ing our con­scious chick­en. After many years of intens­ive sci­entif­ic research, we’ve cre­ated the juici­est eth­ic­ally-pro­duced chick­en that can be used in a whole range of products. 

From golden crispy nug­gets, sizz­ling saus­ages to the per­fect paté.

Delicious Duck

There’s noth­ing like the lux­uri­ous taste and tender tex­ture of duck meat. In a Sunday roast, a warm­ing ragu or a fest­ive foie gras, thanks to our deli­cious and incred­ibly ver­sat­ile cul­tured duck you can soon feast your taste buds on a wide vari­ety of guilt-free duck products.

The possibilities of cultured poultry

The pos­sib­il­it­ies of cul­tured poultry are truly end­less. Next to guilt-free nug­gets, foie gras and the like, it also works won­ders in plant-based altern­at­ives and tra­di­tion­al meat products.

100% cultured meat

100% cul­tured meat products like chick­en nug­gets, bur­gers, foie gras, paté, saus­ages and minced meat

Plant-meat fusion

Adding cul­tured meat to plant-based altern­at­ives will make them irres­ist­ibly juicy and full of authen­t­ic fla­vour.

Meat-meat fusion

Mix­ing cul­tured meat with tra­di­tion­al meat already sig­ni­fic­antly reduces the impact on the plan­et and anim­als.