Frequently asked questions

When will I be able to buy your products?

All good things take time. Our team of sci­ent­ists is work­ing day and night to bring our tasty cul­tured meat products to stores and res­taur­ants near you. Want to be the first to know when our products will be avail­able? Sign up to our news­let­ter or fol­low us on Linked­In to stay in the loop!

Where will Peace of Meat products be available?

In the first phase, you’ll be able to try our deli­cious Peace of Meat products at our own tast­ing events or a selec­ted club of chefs and part­ners. Can’t wait? Nor can we! Keep an eye on our socials for upcom­ing tast­ings. As we scale up our pro­duc­tion, we’ll work with more and more res­taur­ants, gro­cer­ies and super­mar­kets to make sure that you can find our products any­where you go.

How is cultured meat made?

A few avi­an cells, nutri­ents, oxy­gen, a warm envir­on­ment and a splash of rock­et sci­ence. That’s all we need to grow cul­tured meat.

Here’s how we make the magic hap­pen:

  1. We extract a tiny droplet of stem cells from a care­fully-selec­ted egg.
  2. We place the cells in a cul­tiv­at­or that mim­ics the con­di­tions of a warm anim­al body.
  3. We help it grow by feed­ing it nutri­ents, vit­am­ins, oxy­gen and sug­ar (gluc­ose).
  4. We watch in awe as the cells nat­ur­ally mul­tiply.
  5. We give the cells a little help, so they mature into muscle, fat or liv­er cells.
  6. After a few weeks, we har­vest the cells and pro­cess them into deli­cious food (paté, foie gras, ground meat, hybrid products, etc.)
  7. Once we have our starter cells, we can mul­tiply them forever.

How long does it take to grow cultured meat?

It takes about a month to go from a few stem cells to a fin­ished cul­tured meat product.

Do you use genetic modification or antibiotics?

No, we only use non-GMO avi­an cells that are nat­ur­ally present in chick­en or duck eggs. Our cul­tiv­a­tion pro­cess does not involve any anti­bi­ot­ics.

What types of meat do you cultivate?

In this first stage our focus is on poultry products. We’ve dis­covered a spe­cial type of cells in a chick­en egg that are optim­ally suited to cul­tiv­ate in a biore­act­or. No less import­ant: we’ve also figured out a unique tech­nique to extract these cells from chick­en eggs. Start­ing from just a few cells, we can grow anim­al cells (a.k.a. meat) out­side of an actu­al anim­al. The pos­sib­il­it­ies are truly end­less. For now, launch­ing our cul­tiv­ated poultry products is the top pri­or­ity. But who knows what the future may bring

Does cultured meat provide the same nutrients as real meat?

It sure does! Peace of Meat products ARE real meat, just made in a dif­fer­ent way than farmed meat. That means that all our cul­tured products are high in pro­tein and essen­tial amino acids. As they are derived from actu­al chick­ens and ducks (without touch­ing one feath­er, we prom­ise), the nutri­ents are pretty much the same as well.

Is cultured meat suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

No. We need anim­al cells to make cul­tiv­ated meat, so it’s not veget­ari­an or vegan. How­ever, as we just extract a few cells from an egg, there is no anim­al suf­fer­ing involved in our products.

Is cultured meat better for the environment than farmed meat?

As cul­tiv­ated meat is a rather new tech­no­logy, a lot of research still has to be done. There are already a few stud­ies on the envir­on­ment­al impact (CO2-emis­sions, water use, …) of cul­tured meat. Even though it’s still too early to draw def­in­ite con­clu­sions, the first res­ults seem very pos­it­ive, espe­cially in com­par­is­on to farmed meat.


Can I invest in Peace of Meat?

Although we’re not act­ively on the lookout, we’re always look­ing for fel­low cham­pi­ons to change the future of meat. Feel free to send us an email on investors@​peace-​of-​meat.​com 

Want to join the flock as our new col­league? Get in touch! And of course, we’d be super grate­ful if you’d fol­low our socials, sub­scribe to our news­let­ter down below or just spread the word to friends & fam­ily!